About The Little Italian


A Little Italian offers Italian flavors that are far from little. Old Italian recipes passed down from generation to generation create a true Italian experience with every bite.


I’m Tia, and this is my food truck. I was raised in Tennessee by Italian-Sicilian parents, we moved here from New York when I was a kid.

When I was a little girl  I thought everyone ate the same food that we did, but as I grew older I realized that wasn’t true. We had red sauce three times a week.

I love to cook and more than anything I love the idea of keeping these recipes alive. There are a lot of family recipes that would not get cooked or eaten if it weren’t for me. When I make my grandmother’s recipes it’s like she is here with me. I can taste and smell the memories in the food.

The most important ingredient really is the love, without it the food does not taste the same. I run this truck with passion, I love what I do and want to share it with everyone!

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